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The Most Spectacular Astronomy Photographs Of 2014

The 2014 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has just released its cosmically awesome shortlisted entries. Capturing scenes across the solar system, galaxy, and beyond, the images are spectacular reminders that we’re all living on a “mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam,” as astronomer Carl Sagan famously put it in “Pale Blue Dot.”

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Scare away the dark.

To sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dar



Mexican Transplant Association


Brazilian Teens Improve Their English By Chatting With Elderly Americans

A Brazilian program connects teens looking to improve their language skills with Americans looking for a bit of conversation.

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Silent Storms, fotografías de  

Las sirenas que viven en el cielo.

You. El amor crea algo bello.




Parque Nacional: Nevado de Colima                                                           


Nevado de Colima.

Follow your dream.
By: inesvachez

Follow your dream.

By: inesvachez

Por un 2014 lleno de viajes, paisajes, aventuras, nuevos mundos, nuevas personas, nuevos caminos.

Por un buen 2014.

"Love is not only a feeling, love is a duty."

To the wonder. Terrence Malick


A day in the life of Changi airport.


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Behind the scenes.



I. Iztaccihuatl 2013